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"You analyze your customer's needs extremely well up front - much better than other service providers. The upfront work pays off."

"I've been extremely pleased with the relationship PCI has formed with Automation Plus. Overall, you are very professional. You are thorough. You solve problems."

"Obviously our goal has been to avoid any customer frustrations. With your software modification, we've achieved this goal."

Price and Company, Inc. Alan Adams, VP Operations

"You came in to Owens Products and sold us on the fact that we needed to analyze every action in the paper and process flow of our business first. This made all the difference in the world. The details we uncovered helped us learn how to run our business better."

"Since you took the time to really get to know our business you saved us from putting in a software system that wouldn't have met our needs."

Owens Products, Inc. Don Gray, Past President

"In a business the size of ours, demonstrated value becomes very important when making a customized computer software investment. I'm writing this letter to thank you for bringing value to Kenowa Industries, Inc."

"It is evident that you are genuinely interested in my business and helping us get what we need."

Kenowa Industries Sally Ann Root, Controller

"The support Automation Plus provides has been great."

"Automation Plus identified our current processes and asisted us in defining our future processes and trained the implementation team so we are able to train our operations staff."

"We could complete the purchase transaction of the software from anyone. But, find a partner like Automation Plus who knows us and is always there for us, is truly a rare commodity."

Rizzo Packaging, Inc. Phil Broekhuizen, General Manager

"Automation Plus was able to successfully import inventory, customer, and vendor data from our old database. They were also able to write customizations to meet our needs. I recommend ACCPAC and the consulting services of Automation Plus to any small to mid-size company."

"I needed a consultant who could help train my staff on some basics of accounting, in addition to implementing the software. Ann Wiedlea of Automation Plus provided this combined training."

Colonial Engineering, Inc Mark Bainbridge, General Manager

"Ann convinced us to look at our process, see what we needed and really define our style of manufacturing. She knew the right questions to ask when we didn't know what we wanted."

"Through the process we have discovered how our unique product offerings create unique demands on the software."

"Software is only the beginning of the solution for my company. There is no one-size fits all package. I also need to have someone who can answer questions and really listen to my concerns."

Honeyville Metal, Inc. Jeff Miller, Past Controller

"I've been very happy with my experiences with Automation Plus ."

Honeyville Metal, Inc. Matt Beachy , Present Controller

"In the Beginning, we needed a lot of handholding. However, one of the things I value in Automation Plus is your working to bring us to self-sufficiency."

"I'm happy we've progressed from needing daily support to now just a few times a year. I am grateful for the fourteen years we've worked together and look forward to a continually rewarding relationship."

Cor-A-Vent Mark Keller, C.O.O.

"Automation Plus's sensitivity to cost verses performance issues is especially appreciated as there have been no financial surprises and in fact the cost of implementation has been offset by the increase in productivity as well as visibility."

Telemark Thomas J. Thomasma, President

"Automation Plus gracefully managed a monumental software conversion with great attention to detail. Ultimately there were some problems, but our business was virtually uninterrupted."

Professional Apparel James L. Linsley, Controller

"It goes to show that people make a company what it is, the product is somewhat secondary. We are very pleased with our custom written estimating software done by Suzi and Jeff. . . . As our company expands, our needs increase, technology improves and software is upgraded we will definitely call on Automation Plus and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone."

Stevens Design & Fabrication, Inc. Dave Stevens, President

"They have years of experience in supporting and enhancing the product. I am happy with their professionalism, and the way they take ownership of any problem/issue we present them with."

Banks Hardwoods, Inc. Rob Nilson, IT Manager
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