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A Software Service Boutique that makes IT work for you. APlus specializes in developing business software solutions for the SMB market. Systems are tailored to your business and processes.

Automation Plus Inc. sells, installs, trains, performs project management, customizes, designs software and implements systems based upon a specific value formula we employ focused upon client benefit. We have documented and developed a proven methodology allowing us to perform operations and system analysis, process mapping and process refinement, project management and implementation assistance for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems from a variety of authors.

Why should you buy from us?
Value Proposition V = B - C (Contact us for the details of this formula)
A virtual team that is Focused on Your Success
Seasoned expertise from the Automation plus team
(118 years of combined experience in the IT field)
Continuing and on going training of the team.
Credentials - APICS Certified trainers, Certified Process Engineers, Software Author certifications, Formal Project Management trained, MBA and BA credentials.
References - We have pages to share
Our Locations in proximity to your organization
Documented successes - See case studies and testimonials
A Sales Process - designed to uncover and focus on your specific objectives.
The focus on Mission Critical and development of business case in every sale
Tailored and scripted demonstration process and focus
Products from Authors that represent long term commitment to their clients ROI
Total cost of ownership analysis
Service Methodology that guarantees satisfied clients.
Stability in the Market Place - We will be celebrating 25 years in the Information Technology industry as of 2005.

Who do we serve ?
Manufacturers -
• Food
• Lumber and Wood
• Paper
• Printing
• Rubber
• Plastics
• Metal
• Industrial machinery and Equipment
• Electronics
• Transportation Equipment
Distributors -
• Industrial
• Wholesale
• Discounter
• Catelog
• Web Based
Service -
• Packaging
• Heat Treating
• Plating

What do we do?
We sell proven "State of the Art" software solutions.
We provide "Virtual Project Teams" to assist in the implementation and control of ERP systems.
Automation Plus is an executive resource that enables each of our clients to profit from the successful deployment of their ERP solutions.

We pride ourselves in our focus on direct benefits to our clients, not just the glamorous features of software systems that most of our competitors present to prospects. We strive to meet the following needs that are important to our clients:

Stable software programs that are proven to operate with minimal design/operation problems and are flexible in order to meet the client's system needs.
Installation methodology designed to maximize software performance.
Training tailored to the implementation process and milestones of the project.
Re-engineering tools that incorporate process mapping and focused instruction to speed the learning process.
Implementation and project management tools (responsibility charts, timelines, process sheets, control forms, etc.) and leadership to assist the clients' teams in staying on task, on time and on budget.
Leadership and expert service for the on-going success of the ERP system once implementation has been accomplished.

Our strategy is based upon our commitment to our clients' of being a total business resource for organizations that want their information systems to be an important tool in their business.

What do we sell?
A complete line of ERP software products and related services focused on the SMB market. These products and services are engineered for fit and function based upon the needs of the SMB model.

What do our products do?
They aid our clients' in collecting, analyzing and acting on focused information that allows them to decrease their expenses, increase profits, efficiently and effectively serve their customers, vendors, employees and investors.

What do our services do?
Minimize risks and maximize ROI in the implementation of the software as a tool for the business. Minimize the total cost of systems' ownership and operations of the related software.

Where are we?
In Portage Michigan and in Sturgis Michigan

Where do we sell our products and services?

We sell our products and servies in lower Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northwestern Ohio. Our central locations in Kalamazoo and Sturgis Michgian plus the use of thenology allow us to efficiently and effectively service our clients.

When did we start?
June 23, 1980-Under the name of Automation Plus, Incorporated

When/Where can you reach us?
8 to 5 EDT Monday through Friday
On the web at
Via the phone at 1-800-253-4871
Via email at
Via email for Ann Wiedlea,
Via email at

Snail mail at
Automation Plus, Incorporated, 118 S. Monroe St. Sturgis, Michigan 49091.

Why are we in business?
To Provide competitive advantage for our Clients through the use of Information Technologies.
To fill a niche in the SMB software solutions marketplace
To grow personally
To develop infrastructure for our clients
To develop partnerships with our clients
To build long term relationships with our clients
To profit our clients, Automation Plus, ourselves personally, our stockholders.
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