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In the Beginning . . .
Automation Plus, incorporated as a Michigan corporation on June 23, 1980.

Initially as a "Service Bureau". For younger individuals reading this a service bureau is like an ASP only initially we physically received all data, performed the input, throughput, and output on our site. We would then physically deliver the data turned into information (invoices, checks, inventory movements, reports…etc.).

The service bureau gave us tremendous experience in the actual operation of systems in "Real life environments"; I say environments as we were running numerous clients (entire business infrastructure) on our IBM "Mini" computer. This background gives us a true understanding of data capture and control, an area we find most resellers can not relate.

We operated the service bureau using an IBM System 34. As the market place changed and software and systems became affordable we expanded our products and services.

Entry into Software Solutions . . .
Our relationship with IBM and our operations background, offered us the opportunity to become an IBM Business Partner. This included training and implementing MAPICS and CAFRS in addition writing a tremendous number of custom software systems. Dedication to staff training became paramount, based upon the scope of the software. State of the art made us recognize that computer technical training was of course necessary, but, business theory, process flow and control, project management experience including leadership development was also mandatory to serve our growing client base. This was a tremendous education and growth for us as an enterprise team.

As a side note, we still have custom software systems we wrote back in the early 1980's that is still in operation today, migrated to current IBM mini systems. Another sidebar, our top sales, operations and management people are still with us, now as owners.

Introduction of the Personal Computer . . .
Time marches on, networked microcomputers came on the scene, and again we faced a paradigm change! The horsepower and operating systems were not on the standard of the "Mini", but the price/performance was undeniable.

SBT Computing, a California corporation, was beginning to market their accounting/inventory "off the shelf" solutions. With our experience we were invited to become resellers. We still represent and are certified in the small to mid size market with this software. The software has continued to improve through the acquisition process starting with Computer Associates and is now part of the family of products of Sage Corporation.

Client demand kept (and still keeps) us involved in the design, programming and tailoring of custom software, including add-ons to software packages. We are proud of our full custom and enhancements we have created. I am referring to examples where we tailored (or wrote from scratch) software to perform tasks exactly as the client's envisioned. We offered to the client a competitive advantage through the use of technology and talent.

Y2K Hits . . .
Y2k! Need any more be said? Prospects that did not understand the scope and timetable of their ninth hour requests, we sent to our competitors! They were sold software not a solution!

ERP Comes of Age . . .
Demand from clients began fueling ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) and full system integration. TIW was our initial MRP offering. Note MRP, as ERP was not a reality, still vaporware!

The Alere product has continued to expand in functionally and stability, now incorporating full ERP. We enjoy working with TIW; they have excellent management and always work towards product improvement.

Ten years ago we were introduced, and were accepted to represent a beautiful (if I may use that word) software product line; SYSPRO, a Strategic E-Fulfillment Accounting, Manufacturing and Distribution modular software ERP, CRM, Internet inclusive, SCM… offering. This package is extremely robust, stable, and inclusive; from base in-house infrastructure to a full collaborative Internet extension.

The WEB a new paradigm . . .
The Web revolution! We realized that we are a "nuts and bolts" organization. Our value system told us that to receive the ROI on the Web expenditure (that we were watching organizations make) infrastructure must be in place before extensions to the outside world could be implemented! We have since witnessed a lot of internal "Islands of information" develop, very little ROI, and client expectations were seldom realized.

Presently we do market Web ERP applications and collaborative B2B and B2C "off the shelf" packages. Our value system held true, and our client base was not misled and has not misspent their precious assets. The present systems we market are built around the concept that the Web is an extension of customer, employee, stockholders, and vendor input/output. The Web is a methodology for data gathering and information to make the jobs of those who interact with your organization simpler! Now clients are building their infrastructure to attain the first steps toward Supply Chain Management.

Where are we going?
Our commitment to your success is never ending. The team is committed in both culture and through our continuous process improvement methodology to to provide you solutes that meet your Business vision within budget, on time, and with measureable results.

As the software market place continues to evolve, we face a new paradigm of Software as a Service (Saas) and systems that offer more functions for less dollars. Effective 2009 we expanded our software offerings to include Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise systems, including the addition of a certified Pro Advisor.

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